Start a Program

There are two ways to start a program.



Purchase a Sport Pack (see below) which will give you a very cost effective way of purchasing Speed Stack cups. With just the cups you can introduce your students to the sport of Sport Stacking.  It comes with an activity guide giving over 30 lesson ideas for a class as well as the instructional DVD so you can learn the best way to teach Sport Stacking.



If you have more budget then purchasing a specific number of Stack Packs is by far the best option. This will give your program the Speed Stack cups plus the timer and mat. Having the timer and mat for each set of 12 Speed Stack cups allows your students the full feeling of what Sport Stacking really is. The Stack mat allows the cups to move smoothly in all directions and the timer allows stackers to record their times, learn about digital timing, decrease reaction time, stay motivated on bringing down their times and increase both internal and external competitiveness.


Additional items for a Sport Stacking program

Jumbo Stacks

Jumbo Stacks are great for both PE and classroom teachers who are looking for a cooperative/team based exercise to add to their sport stacking program.  They are perfect for large scale floor relays with lots of cardio component.  They can be used to learn about construction, support, shapes, counting, structure and much more.

Tournament Displays

Highly recommended for all Sport Stacking programmes, the Tournament Display plugs into your timer and shows the stacker’s time in large illuminated digits that are visible up to 30 metres away!


Stack Spots

Spots are a popular type of floor marker used in PE classes to indicate a place to do a specific activity.  Stack Spots® combine Sport Stacking activities with fitness activities to further enhance the fitness aspects of sport stacking.





Starting a sport stacking program is easy. A SPEED STACKS® Sport Pack provides everything you need for a successful sport stacking program with enough equipment for your entire class to participate at once. Sport Packs include everything you see here, plus step by step instructions on how to teach your students the proper skills to be successful. Also included is our On the Move with Speed Stacks Activity Guide featuring over 70 different activities for your classes.





  • Our Sport Packs include: A padded soft shell case to neatly store and protect your gear. (Case also sold separately)
  • SPEED STACKS® in assorted colors. Each set includes 12 specially designed high-tech cups. Available in 15, & 30 set sizes.
  • StackMat® optimum stacking surface with precision electronic timer (Blue Swoosh mat design included)
  • One set of Mini Speed Stacks (Minis)
  • Stacker Training DVD
  • On the Move with Speed Stacks Activity Guide
  • WSSA Stack Meet Manual


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