Sport Stacking for Parents

As a parent, you want the best for your child, both academically and physically. You want your child to be active after school, watch less TV and play fewer video games. (Click here for the proven benefits of Sport Stacking).

Traditional sports programs are great but maybe your child doesn’t like traditional sports! Or maybe they do and you want to optimise your child’s ability.

Well we understand!

Kids of all ages, abilities and personalities love sport stacking because it’s fun, challenging and easy to get started with. Teachers love sport stacking because it motivates kids to be more active and fit. Parents love sport stacking because it’s affordable and isn’t hard to get kids excited about. For as little as 200HKD you can buy your child something that benefits their body, brain and spirit!

By participating in a Group Order through your school, you get the lowest prices on SPEED STACKS® gear and not only will your child benefit, but your school PE program will also.

StackingHK donates 5% of your order directly back to your school in the form of equipment to help strengthen their PE sport stacking program.

Get involved today and make a a Group Order either yourself or through your Parent Association and make a difference!


So what is this interest in cups all about?

Your son or daughter is scouring the cupboards for matching cups of any shape or size. Next thing you know, they’re stacking them in pyramids, then trying to unstack them at an unusually high rate of speed. You discover they are sport stacking with SPEED STACKS® in school or at church or camp or at a friend’s house. And you scratch your head and say “They are doing what?” Or maybe you’re the parent of a veteran stacker and want to find out the latest in stacking news and events. One thing is for sure either way: kids LOVE Sport Stacking!

Praise for Sport Stacking

“SPEED STACKS ® has given an opportunity to the students who are not involved in the more regular team sports. They are able to train and take part in competitive events with increased confidence. The nature of SPEED STACKS® allows the students to improve their hand eye coordination and their ability to work with both sides of their body and is also maintains their concentration for long periods of time.

Students that take part in Sport Satcking get ongoing positive experiences through their achievements, whether it be being able to progress to a more difficult stacking sequence, or beating their personal bests or winning against their peers and all the while they are engaged in an activity that is beneficial to their development and above all else they have so much fun.”

Gill Hadley, Ex PE Teacher Discovery Bay International School, Lantau Island, Hong Kong.