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Steven Purugganan on Hong Kong’s RTHK Radio 3 The Naked Lunch Program

Steven on RTHK's The Naked Lunch

Steven was interviewed last Friday by Tim on HTHK’s The Naked Lunch program.

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listen to Steven’s interview. The interview is just over half way through the program.

The interview talks about Sport Stacking in Hong Kong and how Steven got into the sport in the US and how he c=became the World Champion of the Cycle. Tim also chats with Dan Purugganan, Steven’s father.

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Steven Purugganan’s Birthday Bash in Kong Kong

We hosted Steven Purugganan, his brothers Brian and Andrew and their parents Dan and Vikki for a 2 hour birthday party partty. We invited local stackers who have been demonstration their skills across Hong Kong to the local media over the past few weeks.

It was an exciting time for everyone as they prepared to meet the most famous Sport Stacking family in the World.

There was great food, stacking demonstrations from everyone and lots of chatter about this weekend’s tournament. Steven received a pair of very flashy White Air Jordan trainers and cards for his twelve birthday.

We found out that Andrew not only stacks well but it an accomplished 5 k runner and Ultimate Frisbee player.

The boys had been at Ocean Park for the day and loved the rides and the Panda’s.

Steven loves the Dim Sum and Brian loved the Vertical Drop ride.

Dan and Vicki were here 20 years ago for their Honey Moon and of course mentioned they saw a huge change in the city but were very happy to be back again.

So it sounds like the whole family are having a wonderful time.

They’ll be at the WSSA Hong Kong Sport Stacking Tournament 2009 in New Town Plaza this weekend and so head on down and check out the speed of the boys Sport Stacking. You’ll never see anything like it.

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WSSA Hong Kong Sport Stacking Tournament 2009 update

Steven Purugganan and his family touched down in Hong Kong yesterday. Today they’ll be resting and enjoying the joys and wonders that only Hong Kong can offer. We wish them all the best for their visit and at the tournament this weekend at New Town Plaza III.

Steven will be with the media throughout the week. Don’t forget to check out RTHK  this Friday 31st August at 1.30pm when Steven will be giving a live interview along with the Hong Kong WSSA Representative.

The tournament information is now up on the website under Tournament News.  Go there now and read what you need to do and know for the weekend.

Keep practicing and check out the new Pro Series which are in the store right now!! They are the fastest Speedstack cups so far!!!