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Asian Championship results for Hong Kong

Wow what a set of results again for Hong Kong.

Jeanie Fung is first overall female stacker and second overall in the competition while Rachel Chow won her age group with a time very close to the World Record.


Jeanie Fung

333 – 1.78
363 – 2.59
Cycle – 6.90

Stack of Champions:
333 – 1.75
363 – 2.47
Cycle – did not improve

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2012 WSSA World Championships


The 2012 WSSA World Championships is the pinnacle event in sport stacking. It will bring together the fastest stackers in the world to Butzbach, Germany for two days of amazing dexterity.

This marquee event is traveling outside of the United States for the first time and is expected to draw more than 250 stackers representing 20+ countries. All will be vying for world bragging rights in several events including Individuals, Doubles and Relays.

The World Championships is an invitation-only event for those stackers in countries active with the WSSA. If you can stack the Cycle around 10 seconds in Hong Hong email us right now at

  • DATE: Saturday and Sunday, April 14th – 15th 2012
  • TIMES: To Be Announced
  • VENUE: “Mehrzweckhalle” Pohl-Göns, Butzbach, Germany (40 minutes from Frankfurt)
  • DAILY GENERAL ADMISSION: Saturday – Free admission; Sunday – €5 (Tickets available at
  • AGE DIVISIONS range from “4 and under” through Seniors (60 and above). We also have a Special Stackers division for physically and mentally challenged competitors.
    • Three Individuals (3-3-3, 3-6-3, Cycle)
    • Two Doubles (Age Division & Child/Parent)
    • One Timed 3-6-3 Relay
    • Two Head-to-Head Relay
  • SPEED STACKS INTERNATIONAL CHALLENGE Speed Stacks, Inc., the primary sponsor and official equipment supplier for the WSSA World Sport Stacking Championships, invites the top relay teams from each country to compete in a special Cycle Relay competition. View All International Teams.
  • STACK OF CHAMPIONS Featuring top Overall Individual, Doubles and Relay Finalists on Sunday.
  • STACKING RECORDS ON THE LINE State, National and World Records.
  • OPENING CEREMONIES Entertainment, recognition of world record holders and parade of flags.
  • AWARDS! Trophies & medals for top stackers; 2012 World Championships collector participation pin for all stackers!
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WSSA 2011 Asian Open Sport Stacking Championships Results

WOW what a Saturday we had last weekend. Bruce Lau, Jeanie Fung and Rachel Chow travelled to the Asian Championships in Singapore. It was a very long day from 9am until 8.30pm but well worth the effort.

Rachel was first up with her events in the Under 13s. Her events had no prelims and went straight to finals so it was a one time chance to get the best times she could. Rachel felt her times were not as good as she could do and slower than her personal bests and so did not have high hopes for a placing. However, luck was on her side as she was able to receive 2 trophies for her efforts which definitely put a smile on her face.

Rachel’s results

333 in 2.21 Second

363 in 4.52 Fifth

Cycle in 8.09 Second

Bruce was up next and managed a personal best in all his events and was cherishing the competition from his fellow age groupers and soaking up the atmosphere.

Last up was Hong Kong’s fastest stacker Jeanie Fung. She was very focused and preparing seriously for her events checking out her competitors times and comparing them with her own. Jeanie won the Under16 333, was 2nd in the U16 363 and 2nd in the U16 Cycle. She also gained the 2nd fastest combined time of the whole competition which made her the 2nd fastest in Asia!

Jeanie’s Results

 333   1.91 First

363    2.50 Second

Cycle 6.97 Second

The team also came 5th in the team relay 363. We were lucky enough to find a Singaporean stackers called Xavier who stacked fast and was able to join our 3 stackers for the 363 event. So many thanks to Xavier for all his efforts.

We also got involved in the International competittion having to get up on stage at the end of the day to compete in the Team Relay Cycle. There was a lot of friendly rivalry and personal bests broken. One of the highlights for our team was practicing a relay Head to Head competition in the warm up area against the very vibrant and friendly Philipina team which certainly took the event by storm with their team effort and love of the sport.

Many thanks must also go to Alan and his team from Singapore for putting on a comprehensive fun day which was certainly enjoyed by the region’s best stackers.

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Heep Hong Society hold Hong Kong’s first Special Needs Sport StackingTournament


On Wednesday 6th July Heep Hong Society school in Sham Shui Po held their first Sport Stacking tournament.

Heep Hong Society students have a range of abilities including autism, mental delay or Downs Syndrome.This was the first time such an event has been held at a special needs school in Hong Kong but surely not the last.


Their Occupational Therapist Stephen has been training the students over the past year for 30 minutes a week. Five months ago through sponsorship from HSBC Heep Hong Society (Sham Shui Po) were able to purchase a Sport Pack to assist further with their program.


The Tournament

The day was full of celebration with whistle blowing and banging of blow up plastic clappers. Thirty students took part in the tournament between the ages of 4 and 6 with 25 parents in attendance.


They took part in 3-3-3, 3-6-3 and partner 3-3-3 and 3-6-3. And the parents also got involved partnering up with their son or daughter as well as giving it a go themselves.

In order to add increase the physical activity element of the competition each stacker did the required stack on one table turned 180 degrees and repeated the sequence on another table 5 metres away. The time of the 2 sequences made up the total times.


There were some excellent times being made and the students were able to complete the sequences in the correct order of up stacking and down stacking from the same end and fix fumbles before moving onto the next stack.


The most able students have been invited to the join the WSSA 2011 Hong Kong Sport Stacking Tournament later in the year and are going to keep practicing hard ready to set a Special stackers time for Hong Kong.


We wish Heep Hong Society all the best and Stackinghk will be working alongside them in the future in order to further promote sport stacking throughout the special needs sector in Hong Kong.


If you or your company would like to sponsor a Sport Pack (costing from 3000-4000HKD only) to another one of Heep Hong Society’s schools then please contact us right away and make this sport open to even more special needs children in Hong Kong .