Anatomy of a cup

The world’s fastest stackers use SPEED STACKS ® gear. They know the best cup equals the best performance. Here’s what sets SPEED STACKS® cups apart:


cups_shoulderSpecial Shoulder
The special shoulder with ribs gives just the right separation between cups. When seated on top of the other they simply don’t stick. One cup can be picked up off another leaving that cup behind; one cup can be dropped out of a set of cups from the bottom simply by releasing the finger holding it.




cups_lipReinforced Lip

The reinforced lip of the cup is just the right size, not too pronounced, with a smooth, clean finish.




cups_insideInside of Cup is Smooth for Less Friction

The inside surface of a SPEED STACKS® is smooth for less friction





cups_holes3 Holes

The 3 holes in the top are very important to fast stacking. These holes allow air to escape quickly when downstacking.





SPEED STACKS® have “memory”. If a single cup is accidentally squeezed at the lip it will bounce back into its round shape.






cups_outsideTextured Outside

The outside surface of each SPEED STACKS® cup has been textured for a terrific feel and grip.




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