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Steven Purugganan’s Birthday Bash in Kong Kong

We hosted Steven Purugganan, his brothers Brian and Andrew and their parents Dan and Vikki for a 2 hour birthday party partty. We invited local stackers who have been demonstration their skills across Hong Kong to the local media over the past few weeks.

It was an exciting time for everyone as they prepared to meet the most famous Sport Stacking family in the World.

There was great food, stacking demonstrations from everyone and lots of chatter about this weekend’s tournament. Steven received a pair of very flashy White Air Jordan trainers and cards for his twelve birthday.

We found out that Andrew not only stacks well but it an accomplished 5 k runner and Ultimate Frisbee player.

The boys had been at Ocean Park for the day and loved the rides and the Panda’s.

Steven loves the Dim Sum and Brian loved the Vertical Drop ride.

Dan and Vicki were here 20 years ago for their Honey Moon and of course mentioned they saw a huge change in the city but were very happy to be back again.

So it sounds like the whole family are having a wonderful time.

They’ll be at the WSSA Hong Kong Sport Stacking Tournament 2009 in New Town Plaza this weekend and so head on down and check out the speed of the boys Sport Stacking. You’ll never see anything like it.

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WSSA Hong Kong Sport Stacking Tournament 2009

Well it’s all looking like it will be a fabulous weekend of Sport Stacking at New Town Plaza.

We have 56 entrants and 5 different age groups.

Our youngest stacker is 4 who will be doing the Cycle as well as the 3-6-3 and 3-3-3.

Our oldest stacker will be in their 50s.

It just goes to show that Sport Stacking really is for everyone.

We very much look forward to seeing you at Phase III of New Town Plaza at 1pm Saturday Augsut 1st and Sunday August 2nd.

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WSSA Hong Kong Sport Stacking Tournament 2009 update

Steven Purugganan and his family touched down in Hong Kong yesterday. Today they’ll be resting and enjoying the joys and wonders that only Hong Kong can offer. We wish them all the best for their visit and at the tournament this weekend at New Town Plaza III.

Steven will be with the media throughout the week. Don’t forget to check out RTHK  this Friday 31st August at 1.30pm when Steven will be giving a live interview along with the Hong Kong WSSA Representative.

The tournament information is now up on the website under Tournament News.  Go there now and read what you need to do and know for the weekend.

Keep practicing and check out the new Pro Series which are in the store right now!! They are the fastest Speedstack cups so far!!!

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Tournament Information

沙田新城市廣場 X WSSA 速疊杯香港錦標賽2009
速疊杯神童速破世界紀錄    極速疊杯大比拼

今個暑假,沙田新城市廣場三期將舉辦全港首屆「沙田新城市廣場x WSSA 速疊杯香港錦標賽2009」,主辦單位更邀請到速疊杯世界紀錄保持者、年僅12歲的史提芬.普勒嘉能(Steven Purugganan)首次來港獻技,並會挑戰打破自己所創的世界紀錄。

全港首界「沙田新城市廣場x WSSA 速疊杯香港錦標賽2009」時間表

1.    速疊杯體驗工作坊
日期:2009年7月18、19、25、26日 (7月第三及第四個星期六、日)
地點: 沙田新城市廣場三期一樓天幕長廊
內容:1. 速疊杯專人試範
2. 即場試玩速疊杯

2.    「沙田新城市廣場x WSSA 速疊杯香港錦標賽2009」初賽
日期:2009年8月1日 (星期六)
內容:1. 舉行速疊杯分組3-3-3賽及3-6-3賽初賽

3.    「沙田新城市廣場x WSSA 速疊杯香港錦標賽2009」決賽 暨 速疊杯神童速破世界紀錄
日期:2009年8月2日 (星期日)
內容:1. 舉行速疊杯循環賽初賽
2. 舉行速疊杯分組3-3-3賽、3-6-3賽、循環賽決賽
3. 速疊杯神童兼世界紀錄保持者史提芬.普勒嘉能(Steven Purugganan)速破世界紀錄

4.    極速疊杯大挑戰
內容:1. 三人3-3-3疊杯挑戰,三人以組合形式鬥快疊3-3-3賽,累積最高分數的組合,獲精美禮品


1.    參加者年齡不限
2.    需對速疊杯的玩法有基本知識
3.    請登上,填妥網上報名表格
4.    截止報名日期:2009年7月27日

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Would you like to represent Hong Kong in the forthcoming World Championships in Denver. Colorado, USA in April 2010. You would?

Well you’ll need to be one of the fastest sport stackers in Hong Kong in order to do so.

If you are then you could become part of “Team Hong Kong” and head to the USA to represent your country.

You’ll need to enter the WSSA Hong Kong Sport Stacking Tournament 2009 to show us what you can do. Enter today and we’ll see you there!!

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What the Purugganan brothers have to say about their trip to Hong Kong

“I am really excited to go to Hong Kong and participate at the sport stacking tournament. It’s my first time in Hong Kong so it would be nice to meet new people and learn the culture. I hear the food is great and I can’t wait to get some dim sum. Lastly, I always enjoy just stacking with anyone, especially with fellow stackers halfway across the world.” Steven Purugganan

“I always crave Chinese food here in the U.S. but my parents said, wait ’til you get to Hong Kong. Hmmm…yummy!” Brian Purugganan

“This is a great opportunity to promote the sport on a worldwide scale. As members of Team USA and as current world record holders in the sport, we are all looking forward to share the fun of sport stacking to everyone in Hong Kong.” Andrew Purugganan

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WSSA Hong Kong Sport Stacking Tournament 2009

Steven Purugganan at the 2009 WSSA World Sport Stacking Championship
Steven Purugganan. The reigning WSSA World Sports Stacking Champion 2009


Hong Kong will host the 2009 WORLD CHAMPION SPORT STACKER this August.

Steven Purugganan and his brothers Brian and Andrew will be demonstrating their speed and skills in Sport Stacking on August 1st and August 2nd 2009 at New Town Plaza, Phase III in Sha Tin. Come along to see him or enter our competition.

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