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沙田新城市廣場 X WSSA 速疊杯香港錦標賽2009
速疊杯神童速破世界紀錄    極速疊杯大比拼

今個暑假,沙田新城市廣場三期將舉辦全港首屆「沙田新城市廣場x WSSA 速疊杯香港錦標賽2009」,主辦單位更邀請到速疊杯世界紀錄保持者、年僅12歲的史提芬.普勒嘉能(Steven Purugganan)首次來港獻技,並會挑戰打破自己所創的世界紀錄。

全港首界「沙田新城市廣場x WSSA 速疊杯香港錦標賽2009」時間表

1.    速疊杯體驗工作坊
日期:2009年7月18、19、25、26日 (7月第三及第四個星期六、日)
地點: 沙田新城市廣場三期一樓天幕長廊
內容:1. 速疊杯專人試範
2. 即場試玩速疊杯

2.    「沙田新城市廣場x WSSA 速疊杯香港錦標賽2009」初賽
日期:2009年8月1日 (星期六)
內容:1. 舉行速疊杯分組3-3-3賽及3-6-3賽初賽

3.    「沙田新城市廣場x WSSA 速疊杯香港錦標賽2009」決賽 暨 速疊杯神童速破世界紀錄
日期:2009年8月2日 (星期日)
內容:1. 舉行速疊杯循環賽初賽
2. 舉行速疊杯分組3-3-3賽、3-6-3賽、循環賽決賽
3. 速疊杯神童兼世界紀錄保持者史提芬.普勒嘉能(Steven Purugganan)速破世界紀錄

4.    極速疊杯大挑戰
內容:1. 三人3-3-3疊杯挑戰,三人以組合形式鬥快疊3-3-3賽,累積最高分數的組合,獲精美禮品


1.    參加者年齡不限
2.    需對速疊杯的玩法有基本知識
3.    請登上,填妥網上報名表格
4.    截止報名日期:2009年7月27日

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“HOW IT ALL STACKS UP” Article in The Standard

How it all stacks up

Physical exercise at school is usually playing ball games or doing gymnastics. But soon, students might be told to stack cups instead.

Joyce Kam

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Physical exercise at school is usually playing ball games or doing gymnastics. But soon, students might be told to stack cups instead.Although it doesn’t sound very sporty, the quirky game is proving to be a popular way to train children’s hand- eye coordination.

Using a dozen 295ml plastic cups, players need to build up pyramids and break them down in a specific sequence. To complete a cycle, they first create a pyramid of six and with two pyramids of three on the side, or 3-6-3, and break those down.

The second formation is in sets of six, then 1-10-1, before ending with 3-6-3 again.

Beginners usually finish all formations, or one cycle, in 60 seconds while the world record is 5.93 seconds.

“To accomplish the sequence, players need fast and accurate coordination between brain, eyes and hands,” said associate professor Louie Lobo Hung-tak from the department of physical education at Hong Kong Baptist University.

“It trains their fine motor muscle skill and enhances dexterity in reactions. For those suffering from muscular dysfunction, sport stacking can achieve positive therapeutic effect.”

A research paper published in Perceptual and Motor Skills magazine in 2004 has shown that sport stacking can boost eye-hand coordination and reaction time.

To date, more than 20,000 schools worldwide have adopted sport stacking in their physical education curriculum.

“Children can also learn about sportsmanship and advance initiative through competition. Although

the sport is geared toward children, it’s actually a wonderful choice of physical education for families,” Lobo added. Local stacker So Chi-leung agrees. “It’s a very easy sport that everyone can play. And once you master the skills, finishing a cycle at top speed is really satisfying,” said the 15-year-old who started sport stacking six months ago. “Since all you need is the Speedstack cups and a table, you can play the game with your friends anywhere.”

If you want to try out sport stacking, New Town Plaza III in Sha Tin is holding workshops over the weekend from 2pm to 4pm.

Shoppers who spend HK$500 and above in the mall can redeem a free set of competition-standard cups with a DVD guide.

The WSSA Hong Kong Sport Stacking Tournament 2009 will also be held on August 1 and 2. Register at http:/ / tournaments before July 27.

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TVB Pearl host Hong Kong Sport Stackers


On July 16th 2009 we sent a group of Hong Kong Sport Stackers to TVB Pearl to promote our forthcoming WSSA Hong Kong Sport Stacking Tournament 2009. They had a great day. You can read the blog, see the photos and videos at

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