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WSSA Hong Kong Sport Stacking Tournament 2009


WOW what a spectacular weekend we all had

Steven, Brian and Andrew showcased their skills which was just unreal to watch on both days.

Our 56 Stackers had an awesome time on both days with many personal bests being set.

The 3 Purugganan brothers wandered and mingled with the stackers which was fabulous to see. The local stackers loved getting to know them and taking photos and having their Speed Stack products signed by them.

We wish the Purugganan family all the best in the Philippines where they headed on Monday and hope to bring the pending Hong Kong Team to meet them once more at the World Championships in April 2010.

Our thanks go to New Town Plaza III for hosting the event and Wasabic Creations for marketing and running the event. They did an awesome job.


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Steven Purugganan’s Birthday Bash in Kong Kong

We hosted Steven Purugganan, his brothers Brian and Andrew and their parents Dan and Vikki for a 2 hour birthday party partty. We invited local stackers who have been demonstration their skills across Hong Kong to the local media over the past few weeks.

It was an exciting time for everyone as they prepared to meet the most famous Sport Stacking family in the World.

There was great food, stacking demonstrations from everyone and lots of chatter about this weekend’s tournament. Steven received a pair of very flashy White Air Jordan trainers and cards for his twelve birthday.

We found out that Andrew not only stacks well but it an accomplished 5 k runner and Ultimate Frisbee player.

The boys had been at Ocean Park for the day and loved the rides and the Panda’s.

Steven loves the Dim Sum and Brian loved the Vertical Drop ride.

Dan and Vicki were here 20 years ago for their Honey Moon and of course mentioned they saw a huge change in the city but were very happy to be back again.

So it sounds like the whole family are having a wonderful time.

They’ll be at the WSSA Hong Kong Sport Stacking Tournament 2009 in New Town Plaza this weekend and so head on down and check out the speed of the boys Sport Stacking. You’ll never see anything like it.

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The Purugganan’s Sport Stacking Experience by Vicki Purugganan 2009


The boys discovered sport stacking nearly 3 years ago, when Andrew happened to catch the 2006 WSSA World Championships being televised on ESPN in August 2006.  Andrew was fascinated! He did us all a favor by taping the championships and sharing it with the rest of the family.  When Brian and Steven watched what Andrew had recorded, they also thought it was unique, really cool, and immediately wanted to try it themselves with regular plastic cups at home.  I can’t tell you how many times they had to rewind the tape and watch the championships over and over again just to learn how to stack.  It was challenging, addicting and something they enjoyed doing together.  The 3 boys were obviously having so much fun, either stacking alone, or competing against each other.  Dan and I wanted to support this new-found passion 100%, so I bought them 1 set of cups as a “back-to-school present”.  The boys were so excited to have the official cups and an instructional DVD that helped them fine-tune their self-taught technique.  They could not get enough of stacking, so I had to go back to the store and get 2 more sets.  From that point on, our house became very noisy!  They spent several hours each day practicing, often working up a sweat, in an effort to beat their own times, or each others’.

After 6 months of intense practicing, they had trimmed down their cycle times from 40 seconds to under 10 seconds.  Steven, in particular, was finishing the cycle under 8 seconds.  Not only had they been practicing, but they had been watching the tape of the World Championships regularly.  They became very familiar with the celebrities of the sport stacking world, watched and studied videos of stackers posted on You Tube, and became very well versed with the tournament rules and format.  The question was: were they ready to put their skills to the test and compete under the pressure of a tournament?  There was only one way to find out…and the very first competition that suited our schedule was the 2007 World Championships in Denver.

Their first tournament experience was very exciting. There is something to be said about competing alongside the best and most passionate stackers.  It was thrilling, and humbling as well.  Steven finished first in his (9-year old) age division for the 3-3-3 and 3-6-3, and (I think) 3rd in the cycle.  And though his 3-3-3 time of 2.40 seconds earned his 6th place overall (among 1,100 stackers), he was a bit disappointed that he didn’t do as well in competition as he had been doing at home.  The boys came home with a few medals and trophies, and a strong resolve to practice even harder.

Six months after the World Championships, the boys were ready to compete again.  We will never forget this particular tournament:  October 2007, at the New York State Championships.  Steven broke the cycle world record with a time of 7.23 seconds, and Steven and Andrew broke the doubles world record with a time of 8.49 seconds!  This would be the first of many more world records to come.

The boys have been competing steadily since then, about 4 tournaments a year.  Because of their accomplishments at tournaments, all 3 boys are members of Team USA.

Andrew holds the division world record (age division 17) in the cycle with a time of 6.94 seconds.  He placed 6th overall at the 2009 World Championships (just 5 places behind Steven).  His relay team holds the (17-year old) USA division record with a time of 13.69 seconds.

Brian always finishes in the top 3 at state tournaments. Brian’s consistency in team relay events earned him 1 of the 10 coveted spots in the International Speedstacks Challenge at the 2008 World Championships.  At this year’s World Championships, he placed 6th overall in the 3-3-3 (5 places behind Steven).

After Steven broke his very first world record, he has broken at least one world record at every single tournament he’s competed in.  He’s broken the 3-3-3 world record 3 times, the 3-6-3 world record 5 times, the cycle world 6 times, the doubles world record 3 times (with Andrew), and finally, his Team USA team broke the team relay world record – all of which were achieved in a 2-year span (see below):

Steven’s Sport Stacking World Records
1.  Cycle Event – Individual
–    5.93 seconds, Jan 3, 2009, Greater Cleveland Sport Stacking Championships, Berea, Ohio (CURRENT WORLD RECORD)
–    6.21 seconds, Apr 6, 2008, Stack-Off, World Championships, Denver, Colorado
–    6.50 seconds, Apr 6, 2008, World Championships, Denver, Colorado
–    6.52 seconds, Mar 16, 2008, New Jersey Stackapalooza, Ridgewood, New Jersey
–    6.65 seconds, Feb 16, 2008, Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships, Laurel, Delaware
–    7.23 seconds, Oct 20, 2007, New York State Championships, Attica, New York

2.   3-6-3 Event – Individual
–    2.15 seconds, Apr 19, 2009, Denver, Colorado (CURRENT WORLD RECORD)
–    2.19 seconds, Nov 22, 2008, Philly Red Sport Stacking Championships, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
–    2.27 seconds, Jan 10, 2009, Connecticut Sport Stacking Championships, Baltic, CT
–    2.34 seconds, Mar 16, 2008, New Jersey Stackapalooza, Ridgewood, New Jersey
–    2.38 seconds, Feb 16, 2008, Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships, Laurel, Delaware

3. 3-3-3 Event – Individual
–    1.80 seconds, Jan 24, 2009, Mid-Atlantic Regional Sport Stacking Championships, Laurel, Delaware (CURRENT WORLD RECORD)
–    1.86 seconds, Apr 6, 2008, WSSA World Championships, Denver, Colorado
–    1.96 seconds, Feb 16, 2008, Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships, Laurel, Delaware

4.    Doubles Event
–    7.58 seconds, with brother Andrew, Apr 19, 2009, WSSA World Championships, Denver, Colorado (CURRENT WORLD RECORD)
–    7.84 seconds, with brother Andrew, Feb 16, 2008, Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships, Laurel, Delaware
–    8.49 seconds, with brother Andrew, Oct 20, 2007, New York State Championships, Attica, New York

5.  Team Relay Event
– 12.72 seconds, with TEAM USA, Apr 19, 2009, WSSA World Championships, Denver, Colorado (CURRENT WORLD RECORD)

Inasmuch as the goal is to stack faster and break more world records, the boys will always declare that the best part about this sport is the camaraderie they share when they all come together with fellow stackers at tournaments, especially at the World Championships.  They love stacking even more when they’re surrounded by other kids who appreciate the skill involved in stacking, and the fun that comes along with it.  And from that common experience, they’ve made so many new friends not only in the US, but from other countries as well.

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What the Purugganan brothers have to say about their trip to Hong Kong

“I am really excited to go to Hong Kong and participate at the sport stacking tournament. It’s my first time in Hong Kong so it would be nice to meet new people and learn the culture. I hear the food is great and I can’t wait to get some dim sum. Lastly, I always enjoy just stacking with anyone, especially with fellow stackers halfway across the world.” Steven Purugganan

“I always crave Chinese food here in the U.S. but my parents said, wait ’til you get to Hong Kong. Hmmm…yummy!” Brian Purugganan

“This is a great opportunity to promote the sport on a worldwide scale. As members of Team USA and as current world record holders in the sport, we are all looking forward to share the fun of sport stacking to everyone in Hong Kong.” Andrew Purugganan

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What to do with your kids this summer holiday

Is the extra time off school making your kids restless? Not sure what to do or buy to keep them busy this vacation?

Here at StackingHK we have the answer.

Browse our site with your child and have them choose their colour of choice and start them on Sport Stacking with a brand new Stack Pack. It will not only develop their eye/hand coordination it will improve their eye tracking and use both sides of their brain. So not only are they exploring a new sport they are developing their body and brain too.

While you are there take a look under Games and check out battlestacks and take the whole family’s Sport Stacking to a new level of fun and excitement. Everyone will have heaps of fun.  Check out our store now and who knows in a week or two they and you may be good enough to enter our WSSA Hong Kong Sport Stacking Competition 2009 as presented by  New Town Plaza in Sha Tin.

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WSSA Hong Kong Sport Stacking Tournament 2009

Steven Purugganan at the 2009 WSSA World Sport Stacking Championship
Steven Purugganan. The reigning WSSA World Sports Stacking Champion 2009


Hong Kong will host the 2009 WORLD CHAMPION SPORT STACKER this August.

Steven Purugganan and his brothers Brian and Andrew will be demonstrating their speed and skills in Sport Stacking on August 1st and August 2nd 2009 at New Town Plaza, Phase III in Sha Tin. Come along to see him or enter our competition.

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