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TVB Pearl host Hong Kong Sport Stackers


On July 16th 2009 we sent a group of Hong Kong Sport Stackers to TVB Pearl to promote our forthcoming WSSA Hong Kong Sport Stacking Tournament 2009. They had a great day. You can read the blog, see the photos and videos at

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What the Purugganan brothers have to say about their trip to Hong Kong

“I am really excited to go to Hong Kong and participate at the sport stacking tournament. It’s my first time in Hong Kong so it would be nice to meet new people and learn the culture. I hear the food is great and I can’t wait to get some dim sum. Lastly, I always enjoy just stacking with anyone, especially with fellow stackers halfway across the world.” Steven Purugganan

“I always crave Chinese food here in the U.S. but my parents said, wait ’til you get to Hong Kong. Hmmm…yummy!” Brian Purugganan

“This is a great opportunity to promote the sport on a worldwide scale. As members of Team USA and as current world record holders in the sport, we are all looking forward to share the fun of sport stacking to everyone in Hong Kong.” Andrew Purugganan

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What to do with your kids this summer holiday

Is the extra time off school making your kids restless? Not sure what to do or buy to keep them busy this vacation?

Here at StackingHK we have the answer.

Browse our site with your child and have them choose their colour of choice and start them on Sport Stacking with a brand new Stack Pack. It will not only develop their eye/hand coordination it will improve their eye tracking and use both sides of their brain. So not only are they exploring a new sport they are developing their body and brain too.

While you are there take a look under Games and check out battlestacks and take the whole family’s Sport Stacking to a new level of fun and excitement. Everyone will have heaps of fun.  Check out our store now and who knows in a week or two they and you may be good enough to enter our WSSA Hong Kong Sport Stacking Competition 2009 as presented by  New Town Plaza in Sha Tin.

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WSSA Hong Kong Sport Stacking Tournament 2009

Steven Purugganan at the 2009 WSSA World Sport Stacking Championship
Steven Purugganan. The reigning WSSA World Sports Stacking Champion 2009


Hong Kong will host the 2009 WORLD CHAMPION SPORT STACKER this August.

Steven Purugganan and his brothers Brian and Andrew will be demonstrating their speed and skills in Sport Stacking on August 1st and August 2nd 2009 at New Town Plaza, Phase III in Sha Tin. Come along to see him or enter our competition.

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Hong Lok Yuen International School takes part in the WSSA Stack Up 2008

2008-stackupWriteUp-1On November 13th 2008 Hong Lok Yuen International School ( had 25 students take part in the WSSA Stack Up which got them into the Guinness Book of Records!!!

Each stacker had to stack up a set of Speed Stacks for a full 30 minutes in order to qualify as taking part in the event.

A lot of fun was had by all and it was a great achievement by Year 2 class teacher and Sport Stacking coach Miss Lucy Bickley.